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Word =]

2010-12-29 22:39:33 by Ace75

What up newgrounds world??? Its been a while.... A long while. And if i were to tell you everything that has happened to me in the pass year to keep you up to date.... You would be sitting here for a very very long time...
For the most part my life has been declining. But I keep my head strong and I continue to think positive. The thing is.... Idk how much longer I will be able to do this. Its been a constant struggle. Luckily I have had true friends through and through. If anything is gonna save me.... Its them.

Out of the blue.

2010-08-20 02:07:53 by Ace75

Out of the blue i decided to make a blog! Lol, i haven't made one in a longgg time... The reason why is there isnt much to talk about really.

My computer was attacked by a massive trojan so i was computerles and newgroundless for quit some time. Bealive it or not I got a free antivirus program to fix it!....

I'm making a blog???

2010-05-29 19:10:16 by Ace75

Ok, ok... I admit it: Its been a long long time since I've made a blog, but I have been kind busy. School is almost out so I've been working a lot last minute to catch up on everything. I do not want to spend any extra time in high school then i have to, trust me.

As far as newgrounds related business i have been doing nothing... Well more recently I have gotten into the type of music called Dubstep. If you haven't heard of it is basically techno with massive bass lines, and i do love bass :D. Its very difficult music to create so i have been looking for a better program that would help me better create something like this. If you have any ideas just leave a comment :D

Well not much else to talk about soooo....

Ace is out! =]

Word up Hawaii

2010-04-06 16:27:34 by Ace75

Hello peeps!
Seshing hawaii with my best friend has been amazing. Snorkling swimming everything!! Honolulu is awesome. Though with me being here it has been hard to keep newgrounds up to date... or Rather it keep me up to date! But thats where I have been if your wondering!! C ya!

Ace is out!

Hmm. I think I'm done.

2010-02-09 00:34:34 by Ace75

Yano... I have been through a lot this year, and if there is one thing I learned its that if you really want something... You would work to get it. Me and my fighting with my dad has gotten out of hand. Him finding out i smoke weed, well that didn't blow over so well. I just don't know what to do. I mean... I don't want to live with him anymore but i can't stand leaving my friends. Why do I have to be stuck with this decision. Right now.... As we speak, my dad is drunk, passed out on the chair. Snoring, with a napkin on his fat fucking bear gut. He looks like the biggest douche I have ever seen, oh wait... Thats because HE is... Well any advice on what i could possibly do. I'm out of ideas and I just cant live with the two options I have right now. Live here and fight with him, or move away but lose all my friends. This is horrible.... Help.

Ace is out....

Dragon Oath?

2010-02-08 17:23:29 by Ace75

I'm sure you have seen the adds for Dragon Oath MMORPG on the front page. Well.... Its not worth it. At all. haha

Ace is just letting you know.... Dont try it.

I fuckin.....

2010-01-31 14:21:37 by Ace75

I fuckin....cant...fuckin....stop fuckin.....talken....fuckin.....i...fu ckin....i fuckin......

HAHAHAHA. My bad peeps!

Blog before bed :D

2010-01-13 23:42:21 by Ace75

Well thought I would post a quick blob before bed. So many things going on around today. For example: The earthquake in Haiti. Bad stuff. I feel bad. And all this stuff about the terrorist attacks lately.

I mean its so stupid how they are giving the bomber on the plain from england our civil rights. Its not right. I think we should water board him. To get future information on future attacks that he may know about but I think we all know thats not ganna happen any time soon. Well comment your thoughts!!!

Ace is out! :D


2010-01-11 22:44:38 by Ace75

Well my last blog was... um interesting?? Yes, well I wasn't exactly my self. It didn't make much sense at all. Well peace!

Ha thinking why your flying.

2010-01-11 19:36:38 by Ace75

Right now I'm flying. And, for those of you who know me know what that means. Anything could pop up in to my head any time. You cheap chizzler. each of those dogs are worth five thousand the gu tryed to rip me off thennnn he threatened me hahaha whowow
lol ok this blog is really longy
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